Jonni Taylor Tieperman

Owner and Instructor

Jonni discovered Pilates Reformer in 2008 when looking for exercise that was safe and effective for her back and joint problems. After seeing and feeling the improvements in her health, she knew she wanted to learn more. Having had her own challenges to overcome has given her a unique perspective and understanding when working with clients.

Jonni is a Balanced Body Pilates instructor who loves working with people from all exercise backgrounds and abilities. In addition to teaching Pilates Reformer, Jonni is a qualified TRX instructor.

To further her knowledge of correctional exercise, Jonni has trained in ELDOA and SOMAtraining in programs under Dr. Guy VOYER, DO. She is a Level 4 Certified ELDOA Trainer, qualified to work with the spine, ribs, hips, shoulders, sternum and SI joint. She continues to participate in specialized training through SomaTraining and has completed: Proprioception, Analytical and Segmental Strengthening of the Abdominals, Analytical and Segmental Strengthening of the Lower Limb, Analytical and Segmental Strengthening of the Upper Limb, Study of World Movement, Squat & Posturology, MyoFascial Stretching, Respiratory and Circulatory Techniques and Global Postural Stretching.

Jonni Taylor